Our COVID-19 Plan of Action


From the desk of Alex Gizis, CEO, Connectify Inc.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded, our families, our communities, and way of life have all been upended. Despite the relentless and often distressing flow of news coverage, we’ve been uplifted by stories and accounts of first responders and healthcare workers on the front lines of this crisis.

Their tremendous sacrifices have inspired us, among many others to ask of ourselves “How can we help?”

Like other services that enable or enhance remote work, Connectify Hotspot and Speedify have both seen a major uptick in new users and usage. The revolutionary channel bonding technology in Speedify has already empowered hundreds of thousands of people across the globe to continue working, learning, and communicating whether it be on Zoom, Slack, Skype, Meet, FaceTime, or Google Classroom. But, as this situation has evolved we’ve been reflecting as a company on how we can continue to make a real and lasting impact and be as helpful as we possibly can.

At Connectify Inc. our mission has always been “Better Internet, for Everyone” and today we renew that commitment by taking the following steps to improve functionality, expand coverage, and reduce costs for those in need, effective immediately.


  • All Connectify Hotspot licenses are now 70% off
    At times like this, communication and connectivity is more important than ever, so we’re cutting prices sitewide by 70%. Use coupon: CONNECTIFYCARES


  • Introducing Speedify Streaming Mode
    We completely reshuffled our roadmap to prioritize the development of features that we think can make a real difference during this global crisis, and after a marathon of late-night development, today we're rolling out the latest version of Speedify. Starting with version 9.6, it includes an all-new Streaming Mode which is optimized to improve video calls and will be made available to all users free of charge. It intelligently detects voice and video streams, prioritizes them above other traffic, and uses bonding and redundancy to combine Wi-Fi and LTE for the best possible call quality.

In the face of unprecedented demand, our engineers are working tirelessly to spin up new servers in locations around the globe. We are no strangers to hardship, and I want you to know that Connectify will continue to do everything we can do to keep our customers and communities connected.

In these uncertain times, my message to others is simple:

If you can help, help.

Thank you, and take care of each other.

Alex Gizis
Connectify Inc