Puppies, Babies and Connectify: A Great Way to Make New Friends

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We’ve mentioned it before, but we’ll never stop saying how Connectify Hotspot can be your best travel buddy. Travel and Connectify just go hand-in-hand, it was meant to be!

Recently, we wrote a blog about using Connectify for summer travel. Our reasons included the following:

  • Avoid paying to get online per device. Pay just once and have all your devices and your family’s devices connected to your hotspot.
  • Users can control the connectivity of each device right from their laptop, using Connectify Hotspot’s built-in firewall settings.
  • Your Connectify Hotspot maintains a personal area network that all of your devices recognize no matter where you are.

Users can stay connected virtually anywhere!

On July 11, USA Today posted an article about how to turn your airplane tray into a mobile office, and Connectify Hotspot was mentioned. They reference comedian Dan Nainan, who wrote an article for The Points Guy saying, “Let’s say you want to connect to the Internet on your laptop, your phone and your tablet. Unfortunately, in-flight Wi-Fi systems such as Gogo only allow you to connect one device at a time. A fantastic workaround is Connectify. You install this free program on your laptop, and voilà — you can share your Wi-Fi with multiple devices. This utility is also quite useful in hotels or airports where you can only connect one device to the Internet.”

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Dan also mentions it’s a great way to meet friends and network on airplanes, “If I’m sitting next to somebody nice and we hit it off, I’ll let them share my connection. And believe me, if you share your connection with the flight attendants, they’ll instantly be your best friends!” (USA Today)

Our software also acts as a repeater, allowing you to stretch the range of the signal. You could go from one end of the plane to the other and stay connected. Or you could take a step outside of your Airbnb with your phone and still be connected!

So pull out your laptop on your next flight and fire up your Connectify! You never know, you might be sitting next to your new best friend.


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