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Industries using Connectify:

Healthcare & Medicine | Photo Kiosks | Stenography | Accounting

Keep your Team Connected

Connectify Hotspot increases productivity by putting a fully-featured router inside every PC. Ensure that your employees stay connected across laptops, tablets, and smartphones no matter where they are.

Multiple Licensing Options

Enjoy flexible licensing options for your business by using either one account that can handle all devices for a department or one license per user. Getting your team (and all their devices) connected has never been so easy!

Enterprise Support Packages

With Connectify for Business, your team enjoys VIP treatment when it comes to email support, and your IT admins have exclusive access to direct telephone support from the Connectify Team.

Popular Case Studies

From Photo Booths to Accountants, and Stenographers to Doctors – Connectify Hotspot helps keep your devices connected no matter where you are or what you do!

Why Connectify?

Connectify strives to meet the needs of small, medium, and large businesses by not only providing a superior hotspot application that can connect all your devices, but also providing flexibility for your licensing needs.

Our team helps you seamlessly connect your company or department so all users and devices are connected for your convenience. At an affordable price for volume purchasing, businesses can take advantage of maintenance services and software upgrades. Connectify is known to serve a range of sectors, from photo booth kiosks to EKG machines.

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