Better Internet, for everyone.

At Connectify we make complex networking tasks easy by developing apps that deliver faster, more reliable, and more secure Internet to users all across the globe. Our suite of products empowers users to analyze, share, combine, encrypt, and ultimately unlock the full potential of their Internet connections.

Connectify is located in sunny Philadelphia, PA

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Causes We Support

Internet Availability

When we created Connectify Hotspot, we were trying to solve our own problem, but if we hated carrying around bulky hardware just to share our Internet connections, chances were, other people hated it, too. This was something we knew we needed to share with the world.

Connectify Hotspot would become particularly important for people living in developing countries, where Internet access is limited and expensive. Having a cost-effective, software-only router would mean that anyone could share their Internet connection--with other devices and other people.

Since 2015, we have demonstrated our commitment to this cause by providing free Connectify Hotspot licenses to users in Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and Brazil. Today, we continue to look for more opportunities to extend our reach to users in need.

Internet Reliability and Security

We often take high-speed Internet for granted, but elsewhere in the world--and even in many parts of the United States--connection speeds are so poor that users may as well not have Internet at all. Additionally, in countries outside the US, Internet freedom and privacy are non-existent. Popular websites are blocked and private information is far from secure.

Connectify Hotspot succeeded in helping people share their Internet connections across the globe. But, Internet connections need to be reliable and safe. We’ve solved this problem with our apps, Speedify and EdgeWise Connect.

Today, we provide users in countries like Venezuela, Iran, and Cuba with free Unlimited Speedify accounts. Not only does Speedify’s encryption protect these users from prying eyes and usage restrictions, it also allows them to bond their cellular and Wi-Fi connections for a faster and more reliable Internet experience.

Our Story

Connectify, Inc. began with a small group of networking geeks trying to solve our own Internet problems. We wanted an easy way to share Wi-Fi with all of our devices, without needing a hardware router. And so we developed Connectify Hotspot, the first software-only virtual router.

It solved our problem, but we wanted to share that solution with others who might also be struggling. Users across the globe quickly caught on, and Connectify Hotspot became an overnight success - and so, solving complex networking problems became our calling.

Next, we launched Speedify, a revolutionary channel bonding VPN that allows you to combine multiple Internet connections to create a faster, more reliable, and secure connection. In the years since, Speedify has expanded its offerings with Teams and SDK products for enterprises that also need reliable and safe Internet for their employees and apps.

To kick off 2019, we released EdgeWise Connect, a native iOS app and stripped down version of Speedify with a single mission - rescue users from the edge of Wi-Fi. From our offices in sunny Philadelphia, we continue to innovate by developing and designing apps that have one thing in common: they make your internet better.

Our Team

When we say “Better Internet, for Everyone,” we really do mean everyone. We believe diversity drives innovation and that the greatest ideas come from a mix of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. Our customers come to us from all around the globe, and we strive to cultivate an inclusive work environment that is representative of the users we serve.

We provide equal opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, age, sex, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic disposition, neurodiversity, disability, or veteran status. If you’re driven to perform, you’ll fit right in.

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Our team is a diverse group of engineers, support specialists, designers, and marketers.