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Selected Press – Connectify Hotspot

USA Today

Gadgets that help turn your airplane tray table into a mobile office
“If I’m sitting next to somebody nice and we hit it off, I’ll let them share my connection. And believe me, if you share your connection with the flight attendants, they’ll instantly be your best friends!”

Motherboard / VICE

An American Startup is Letting Cubans Share Internet for Free
“Savvy Cubans will be able to drastically cut the price of connecting to the Internet if they use Connectify and share it with a friend or three.”

Boston Globe

Havana’s Hottest Spots Offer a Crowded Ramp onto the Internet
“More tech-savvy Cubans set up their own parallel Wi-Fi networks [with apps]…like Connectify”

Los Angeles Times

Make Wi-Fi Work For You On-the-Road
“[Connectify is the solution] when a hotel allows only one device per room.” Philly

Connectify just Got -For Free
“Connectify’s software has been downloaded 65 million times”

Business Insider

How Cisco Rescued A Startup From A Nasty Dispute Over A Website
“Connectify offer[s] a free year of its Hotspot service to all of Cisco’s 75,000 employees”


Unfinished Windows 7 feature exploited for virtual WiFi hotspots
“Wirelessly tether a number of devices to your laptop at location where only an Ethernet jack is available”


Connectify is Early Evidence of Why Windows 7 Virtual Wi-Fi Matters
“Connectify takes direct advantage of the virtual Wi-Fi features in Windows 7 to create a software-based wireless router for Wi-Fi sharing.”

Information Week

Sharing Wi-fi Is Easy With Connectify
“In addition to being simple for novices to use, Connectify has lots of handy tools for pro users and IT folks.”

PC Mag

How to Turn Your Computer into a Hotspot
“Not only does it allow you to share your Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi, but you can share a Wi-Fi connection over Wi-Fi as well […] you can customize different aspects of the connection to fit your needs.”

Washington Post

Havana’s Hottest Spot is a Crowded Ramp to Wi-Fi Bliss
“Cubans…setup networks on La Rampa using apps like Connectify.”

The Verge

Havana’s Hotspots
“Others use…an app called Connectify to turn their devices into mini-routers, allowing multiple connections at once.”

Read Write Web

The Kim Komando Show

Turn Your Windows Laptop into a Mobile Hotspot
“…great for occasions when you need wireless access without a hotspot.”


Connectify: Turn Your Windows 7 Laptop into a Virtual Wi-Fi Hotspot
“You can join a Wi-Fi network and run the Connectify hotspot on the same Wi-Fi card.”


Wi-Fi Hotspot Software Connectify Pro Is Free for Students This Semester
“Rather than needing a Wi-Fi access point to get your other devices online, you can just download Connectify.”

PC World

Unfinished Windows 7 Feature Turns Laptops Into Wi-Fi Hotspots
“…any wireless-equipped device, including PCs running Windows XP or Vista, or even Mac laptops, can reach the Web through Connectify without any additional software.”

CIA’s investment firm backs Philly’s Connectify
“Connectify… will develop a more powerful and secure remote networking platform and a connection-aggregation system.”

5 best Wi-Fi hotspot software for Windows 10
“There are many solutions to hotspot on the market today, but Connectify has garnered a good audience due to its performance and a simple interface.”