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Wireless Repeaters - Are They All the Same?

wireless repeater is just what it sounds like: a piece of hardware or software that lets you repeat or rebroadcast your main wireless signal with the same network name and password. Most WiFi repeaters are hardware devices with antennas that cost a bundle, and require you to setup and carry yet another device around with you in order to stay connected.

On the software side, most wireless repeater software applications do this without bridging.  This means that clients that join your hotspot don’t get real IP addresses from the shared network.  They can get on the Internet through the hotspot, but they’re not really on the network to do any peer-to-peer networking, like online gaming, streaming video, etc.

Connectify Hotspot wireless repeater software turns your Windows computer into a WiFi repeater easily and also does the important bridging part, to avoid any incompatibilities or issues.

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Get the best wireless repeater on your computer with Connectify Hotspot

Connectify Hotspot uses your laptop’s wireless card or your PC’s WiFi adapter to give your existing WiFi network the signal boost needed to reach that out-of-signal place in your home or office.

Watch the tutorial video to learn how you can turn your laptop into a WiFi repeater and boost the range of your existing wireless network at the click of a button.

5 Reasons Why Connectify Hotspot Wireless Repeater is Better than Any WiFi Extender or WiFi Booster Device

  1. You get at least the same performance. All modern WiFi adapters, including the ones embedded into laptops, have similar performance to dedicated WiFi extender hardware.
  2. No hassles with compatibility: Connectify Hotspot wireless repeater is compatible with all WiFi networks and will generate a network that would be accessible to all devices.
  3. More flexibility: if you choose to use your laptop as the best wireless repeater, then wherever the laptop stays, you’ll get a WiFi boost point. And you don’t need a dedicated power outlet for that thanks to the laptop’s battery.
  4. You get access to free upgrades! Connectify Hotspot WiFi repeater software gets regular updates, bringing new functionalities and enhancements. These updates are far more frequent than firmware updates for networking equipment, so you’ll get the best functionality at any time.
  5. Lower cost: Connectify Hotspot wireless repeater is only a fraction of the cost compared to WiFi extender hardware or routers.

How to Increase the WiFi Network Range with Connectify Hotspot Wireless Extender Software

Find the latest version for your PC or laptop at connectify.me/download.

Conclusion Text

While other WiFi booster software apps only “help” you share your Internet connection (inherent issues included – NAT levels, peering, Chromecast apps won’t find your Chromecast, your Apple TV won’t show up for your Mac to stream to…), Connectify Hotspot offers you more:

  • Share any Type of Internet Connection with All your Devices: share Internet from existing WiFi networks, LAN, DSL, 4G/5G, even tethered smartphones!
  • Save up to 60% of Internet bandwidth by using the built-in universal ad blocker. It even blocks in-app ads!
  • Save Money While Traveling: Get all devices online for the price of one when being charged for Internet per device at hotels, on airplanes, etc.
  • Eliminate networking issues by easily bridging other devices onto your home network with WiFi Bridging Mode: eliminate all game consoles (Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox) and smart TV connectivity problems with your home WiFi network!

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