A volume license for Connectify permits you to distribute the specified number of licensed copies of Connectify premium software entirely within your organization, solely for use by your employees or team members. The software may be used worldwide, but is subject to US export restrictions (see the applicable license agreement). You may not give, transfer or sell volume licensed copies of Connectify software to your customer(s), or any third party, nor include such copies in, or with, products you sell.

The volume license is licensed on a per-computer basis. Subject to the number of copies licensed by your organization, users may access the software in any way that is convenient; for example, by accessing copies stored on local hard disks or copies stored on network servers. The license is not a concurrent-use license.

Included with any Connectify Hotspot PRO and/or Dispatch PRO volume license is support and maintenance throughout the license period, which shall include:

  1. Any and all new releases and updates to the software
  2. Email support during normal business hours, in the form of advice and counsel on the use and maintenance of the software

The email address which is given while ordering the software is encoded in the software license and is registered with the Connectify customer support system. Support requests must come from the email that is registered with Connectify Support.

A volume license for Connectify Hotspot PRO or Dispatch PRO entitles your organization to duplicate the software as necessary for distribution within your organization to the specified number of computers, in accordance with the applicable license agreement.