A Virtual Router Inside Your Windows Computer

Connectify Hotspot software app turns your PC into a fully featured virtual router


Best Virtual Router Software for Windows 7, 8 and 10

If you need to share an Internet connection with other devices, extend a WiFi network or maybe just create a network between your devices, what will you use? Most probably the first thing that comes into your mind is a WiFi router. But there’s no reason to spend time configuring it and carrying it around in order to stay connected on-the-road or at job sites. With just your computer’s internal WiFi card and Connectify Hotspot software, you’ve got a fully-featured virtual router.

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Get Started Easily with Connectify Hotspot Virtual Router Software for Windows

See how easy it is to use Connectify Hotspot for Windows computers as a portable virtual router to share our Internet connection with all your devices via WiFi, wired ethernet, and as a WiFi repeater. Save money and bandwidth, get rid of any networking issues due to incompatible hardware.

What is a Virtual Router and Why Connectify Hotspot is the Best Virtual Router?

A virtual router is a software-based system that does everything your hardware router can do (and some things it can’t). A virtual router like Connectify Hotspot can broadcast WiFi right from your PC, so that any other WiFi-enabled device can get online. Connectify Hotspot is far and away the world’s most popular virtual router, because it’s designed with you in mind.

Here are a couple of scenarios you may find familiar:

In all these cases, the main goal is to get your devices online quickly and free (no extra cost). A conventional router cannot help you in all cases – e.g. you cannot use it with captive portals, where you have to enter a username and password or click a button on a website in order to access the Internet.

How to Get Started with the World's Most Popular Virtual Router Software

Find the latest version for your PC or laptop at connectify.me/download.

Connectify Hotspot is the Best Virtual Router for Your Computer

While other WiFi booster software apps only “help” you share your Internet connection (inherent issues included – NAT levels, peering, Chromecast apps won’t find your Chromecast, your Apple TV won’t show up for your Mac to stream to…), Connectify Hotspot offers you more:


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