Once upon a time in 2009, we traveled to an Army base and demonstrated that you could drive a full-sized Humvee from miles away using our wireless mesh network. It was a fantastic demonstration, but we spent the day passing USB thumb drives back-and-forth to transfer files because only one of us had a 3G card to connect to the Internet. After a hard day’s work, we returned to the hotel to find that they not only wanted to charge each one of us to get on the Wi-Fi, but for each device as well!

Our frustration with the state of wireless networking finally boiled over, and Connectify Hotspot was born in a marathon of late-night software development. We simply wanted to connect to each other, share Internet connections, and get our devices online, without paying a fortune or carrying more hardware in our already overstuffed computer bags.

Fast-forward to 2015, and the Connectify Hotspot software has over 75 million downloads. With 30 million hotspots being started each month, Connectify Hotspot is becoming an essential app for people all over the world. From the day we launched the very first Connectify Hotspot beta in late 2009, it was clear that we weren’t the only ones who wanted more control over our wireless networks. Word-of-mouth buzz spread quickly, and major tech blogs like Gizmodo and TechCrunch took notice. Lifehacker even called Connectify Hotspot one of the Top Ten Downloads for a Road Warrior Laptop.

Now, with our new Speedify cloud service, we’re bringing the next-generation in wireless networking software to users worldwide. Speedif lets you combine WiFi, 4G, and any other available Internet connections into a “single, fat wireless pipe.”

And while our users’ networking needs continue to grow, the Connectify team is hard-at-work developing additional features and new, cutting-edge Connectify applications across an increasing number of computer and mobile platforms.

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