2016 Year in Review

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As 2016 comes to a close, what better time to look back and reflect on highlights of the last 12 months. It’s been a very good year for us, our company has grown with several new additions to our staff, and we’ve continued to make leaps and bounds in improving our products and services.

So – here are 10 highlights in 2016:

  1. In January we launched Speedify for Mobile and showcased it at CES and then at MWC.
  2. We continued our efforts to get the Cuban people connected to the Internet. In September we spoke at Cuba Internet Freedom Conference.
  3. April came with the first major review of Speedify Mobile on MacWorld.
  4. In July, USA Today wrote a nice article on how Connectify Hotspot helps travelers.
  5. We attended our first Affiliate Summit conference in New York at the beginning of August. We also held our first affiliates contest during August and September.
  6. As the world watched the Rio Olympics in August, we made it easier for all Speedify users to enjoy the games.
  7. Following the launch of Jio mobile service in India, local users started using Speedify to augment the cellular data speed using our unique channel bonding technology.
  8. In September we had another launch – after several months of working together with app design guru Loren Brichter, we rolled out Speedify 4.0 with a brand new unified cross-platform UI, new and improved features.
  9. Building on the momentum of Speedify 4.0, we had a final launch in 2016 – Speedify 5.0, adding encryption and localization to the table. Now Speedify truly is a complete solution to get the most out of your Internet connections.
  10. We went over quite a few milestones this year:
    • 150,000 active Speedify customers
    • 320 TB of traffic optimized by Speedify monthly

From all of us at Connectify, we wish you a happy and healthy new year!

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