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In mid February we started a contest of the coolest Wi-Fi hotspot (SSID) names. Now it’s time to present the 17 winners. We had so many proposals and cool has so many meanings, so we actually split them into categories as for why we liked them. And… there are more than 17 that we really like – so we’re giving away an extra 7 licenses!

Without further delay and without any mistakes (see this year’s Oscar awards) – here are the 17+7 winners:

“Getting Together” Category:

Feb. 17 – @Chachi1290 – @connectify My #coolhotspotname is: partytonight

“Best Pun” Category:

Feb. 24 – Vikash Vinit – To-Get-Her

“Best Song Pun” Category:

“Best Movie Pun” Category:

“Best Movie Quote” Category:

“Popular Youtube Video Pun” Category:

“Think Twice Before Connecting” Category:

“Science is Fun” Category:

“It’s Fun to Confuse People” Category:

“Too Good to be True” Category:

“Changing the World Little by Little” Category:

“Supporting the Elderly” Category:

“Best Hotspot Name Story” Category:

“Most Funniest Hotspot Name” Category:

“Best Use of Unicode Characters” Category:

Congratulations to all the winners – we will contact you via social media to present you with your Connectify Hotspot MAX license!

Stay tuned for more contests with free license prizes! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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