Solved: How to Bridge Connections on Windows 10

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Bridge Network Connections Easily in Windows 10

Forget about complicated Windows 10 setup and configuration steps in order to network bridge connections. There's a software app that does this and much more with just a click of a button - no need for any technical skills!

Connectify Hotspot is a virtual router software app that turns your Windows PC or laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot and also makes network bridging a child's play.

Read below how to setup bridge connections with the help of Connectify Hotspot, the #1 hotspot software used by millions of people around the world!

Windows 10 Bridge Connections Not Working?

Many users complain on forums and even on Microsoft's website that network bridging does not work in Windows 10. Although the operating system supports it, this can happen and it can be due to many reasons: hardware and software incompatibilities, wrong setups, corrupt files, not following the configuration steps precisely, etc.

With Connectify Hotspot you won't stumble into any of those issues, as it's a "click and forget" type of setup for network bridging in Windows 10.

The Easy Way to Bridge Network Connections in Windows 10

With Bridging Mode enabled, Connectify Hotspot connects devices on your hotspot directly back to the network you’re broadcasting. This powerful feature gives you the power to share across your home network and ensures compatibility with many game consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and streaming media devices like Google Chromecast and Apple TV.

First - get your license of Connectify Hotspot MAX - we're currently running a 70% promo discount on that! Then, to setup Connectify Hotspot in bridging mode, select 'Bridged' under the 'Network Access' option. This will tell the software app to bridge the connection you have selected under 'Internet to Share'. That's all there is to it in terms of configuration!

Connectify Hotspot Helps Bridge Network Connections for Full Compatibility

Bridging mode allows devices connected to your Connectify Hotspot and shared network to communicate. This means your devices can:

  • Use network file sharing
  • Cast content to Chromecast, Apple TV and other streaming media devices
  • Participate in LAN gaming
  • Connect to online gaming

The bridging capabilities in Connectify Hotspot, also give it the ability to act as a WiFi repeater to extend the range of your wireless network. Learn more about repeater mode.

So - what are you waiting for? Do you still want to search the Internet for whether you can bridge network connections in Windows 10 or not? Or do you want to finish setting it all up within minutes? Get started with Connectify Hotspot - now at 70% OFF!

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