What Connectify Engineers Have Been Up To: Speedify 7


Speedify 7 Fast Bonding VPN - Our Latest Achievement

With great pride we officially launched Speedify 7 today on all supported platforms (iOS, Android, macOS and Windows). This comes just a few days after iOS 12 has been officially launched on September 17. We've ran a successful beta testing program on iOS 12 specifically, which involved a couple of hundreds early adopters of Apple's new mobile OS.

This new version of Speedify fast bonding VPN is a game changer. The most obvious improvement is the revamped user interface - modern and optimized for each "family" of devices: computers, Macs, iPhones and Android smartphones. Plus - as you'll see in the release notes, we're also among the first to implement the Siri Shortcuts integration to our app. It's as easy as saying "Siri - fix my Internet".

BONUS: Four Ways Connectify Hotspot and Speedify Can Get You Better Internet

Speedify is a great complement to Connectify Hotspot. We're using both of them. And not just because we're constantly testing... here are some things you may not have been thinking about and which you should definitely try:

  1. Do you have access to more than one Internet connection? (e.g. WiFi and cellular data on your smartphone, home WiFi and tethered phone on your computer) Combine them with Speedify to get more bandwidth and a more stable connection!
  2. How about sharing a secured Internet connection over WiFi or Ethernet on your PC, while you're at it? You don't need a special network router that supports VPN - see this guide here.
  3. Traveling? Get the fastest Internet and unblock any regional content restriction on all your devices when you use a Speedify powered Internet connection.
  4. Playing online games on your Playstation or Xbox and having strict NAT issues? If your ISP has blocked ports, you can bypass those restrictions by using Connectify's Gaming Mode and Speedify.

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