Connectify Hotspot Turns 10 and Gets Its Own Noun in Cuba


Conectifai (es. noun) – any type of informal Wi-Fi hotspot (from en. Connectify)

It is really amazing to see how ‘Connectify’ is democratizing access to the Internet.  It has been a mission of our company since our early days—ever since we realized our products were making a huge difference in markets where access is restricted.

At the end of October 2019, Connectify Hotspot turns 10!  In these past 10 years, we have helped many people share their Internet connection and get online. Connectify Hotspot has been installed hundreds of millions of times, and it has made a difference all over the world, but especially so in Cuba.  

How Connectify Helps Cubans Get Online

There are not many public hotspots in Cuba, but with Connectify Hotspot, more Cubans can share the hotspot.  According to this recent article on Slate, they’re using Conectifais to mean any type of informal Wi-Fi hotspot. Remember “xerox” as a name for copy machines? Or “to google” expressing searching online for something? Well, now we have our own noun in Cuba! Who knew?

With Speedify, we’re keeping up the good work.  Speedify gives secure access to all the content on the internet.  For those with unreliable and lossy connections, Speedify delivers a big speed boost.  We’re giving Speedify away in Cuba as well, and we’re seeing usage grow.

Our mission is still the same: we make complex networking tasks easy by developing apps that deliver faster, more reliable, and more secure Internet to users all across the globe. Our suite of products empowers users to analyze, share, combine, encrypt, and ultimately unlock the full potential of their Internet connections.   That is, we provide BETTER INTERNET FOR EVERYONE!

Happy Birthday, Connectify!

P.S. CONNECTIFY is a registered trademark of Connectify, Inc. Outside of Cuba, please make sure to use the CONNECTIFY trademark correctly.

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