October 2020 – Connectify Hotspot Is 11. What’s Next?

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Connectify Hotspot – Still the Most Popular Hotspot Software Even After 11 Years

As always, just a few days before Halloween, on October 27, Connectify Hotspot celebrates its birthday. Time to remember the wonderful journey we’ve been part of and think what the next steps are. 

11 Situations Where Connectify Hotspot Saves the Day

Across the last 11 years, we have continued to perfect the best wifi hotspot software for Windows. Its core functionality is to share the Internet connection via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet with other devices. But here are 11 uses you may not have thought of:

  1. To get better access to the Internet by turning your computer into a virtual router for Windows. Share any type of connection (Wi-Fi, cellular, wired) over a Wi-Fi hotspot or wired Ethernet connection.
  2. As a Wi-Fi range extender / wireless repeater, at home or at the office, where there’s a poor Wi-Fi signal, to be able to connect other devices to the network.
  3. To turn your laptop into a travel router – when staying at hotels or in places where you are limited at one device per connection. You can allow the other devices you carry to access the Internet through your Hotspot.
  4. To quickly get your Chromecast working with hotel room Wi-Fi.
  5. Whey using the paid in-flight / bus / train Wi-Fi connection, to get free Internet access on your other devices instead of paying for each one.
  6. To save time and data by blocking web ads on client devices.
  7. When you’re having gaming issues on your Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo console because of strict NAT type.
  8. To protect the privacy of all your devices by sharing a VPN over Wi-Fi hotspot.
  9. When you want to get rid of those pesky in-app ads on Android and iOS. 
  10. To share Internet with your friends and loved ones when it is not freely accessible to everyone.
  11. When you need a virtual router embedded in your own Windows app, to intelligently share Internet over Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet.

2020 – Year of the Next Normal – Supporting Better Connectivity

It has only been half a year since the COVID-19 ground our world to a halt and this “new normal” was forced upon us. Overnight our homes became the venue for practically every facet of our former lives and were now tasked with replacing all the amenities of offices, classrooms, restaurants, gyms, playgrounds, and more. Before the pandemic hit, only 7% of workers regularly worked from home. Now? 64% of us not only WFH, but we’ve gotten used to it.

Whatever we return to won’t be the world we left. In this next normal, productivity is the driver and differentiator – those who can’t keep up will lose. In this context, we have been listening to our users’ feedback and prioritized work on new features that will help with getting better Internet to people, including:

  • Accessing the Internet in the first place – e.g. Cuba.
  • Being able to use the Internet without any restrictions.
  • Having a fast, stable and secure connection everywhere, for work, learning and any other online activities.

Our Anniversary Promotion for You

And now for the interesting part: a great opportunity to get your own personal hotspot software for PC, the product that started it all, at a great price. Starting today, for 11 days, until November 3rd, you can get all Connectify Hotspot licenses at 70% discount using coupon code DEAL70. Just go to our website store and make sure the coupon code is applied upon checkout.

Happy Birthday, Connectify!

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