How To Chromecast Netflix with Connectify Hotspot

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We noticed a thread on Reddit earlier today explaining how Connectify Hotspot is especially useful when you’re trying to Chromecast region-locked content using a VPN. The problem is, if you try to use your Chromecast or another streaming media stick with a computer connected to the Internet via VPN, the Chromecast doesn’t actually get on the VPN. In that case, apps like Netflix and Spotify will enforce region-locks as they normally would for your actual location. But, with Connectify Hotspot MAX broadcasting you VPN Internet connection, the Chromecast appears to be in the VPN’s location allowing you to access and stream content from around the world.

Here’s how to setup Connectify Hotspot MAX with your Chromecast:

  1. Log into your desired VPN service (If you’re unsure of which VPN is best for you, try our Speedify VPN product).
  2. Start your Hotspot with “Internet to share” set to your VPN
  3. Turn on the Chromecast
  4. Run the Chromecast application on your PC
  5. When it asks which Wireless Network, just select your Connectify Hotspot. It’ll be right there in the Wireless Network menu. Select your Hotspot, and enter your Password (this is the Password you made up in Connectify when you started your Hotspot)
  6. Finish configuration as usual, and your Chromecast will instantly appear to be in the country you chose when connecting to your VPN

If you have any questions about setting up Connectify Hotspot MAX with your Chromecast, feel free to drop us a line at

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