Five Uses for a Virtual Router While Working from Home

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How a Virtual Router Can Complement Your Home Router and Modem

Working from home, as most of the planet is nowadays, with the Covonavirus outbreak? The Internet is certainly more solicited in residential areas. You may have noticed speed drops or disconnects for your most used apps.

However, the slower or disconnecting Internet on your device might also be caused by other factors. These include the distance from where you actually work to your home router, how your other house mates are using the Internet, etc.

Most times you can’t tweak your router to fix any of these. Read below to see five ways (plus a bonus one!) to use a virtual router to make your life easier while working from home.

1. No Home Internet? Turn Your PC into the Household’s Router

Not everybody has a subscription for home Internet. Some use their mobile data while at home, without the need for a central network to connect to. This is mostly the case in rural areas where not even cable or DSL are present as options.

So, why would you use your PC as a router to share the Internet connection with all devices?

  1. You can use the 5G / 4G / LTE cellular connection that has the most data included and share it via Wi-Fi to all household devices.
  2. If you have a wireless router around that doesn’t work with cellular signals (as are most of them), you can share the cellular Internet via wired Ethernet directly to your router’s WAN port. Then, it will behave like a normal Wi-Fi router.
  3. You have better control of when and who can use the Internet in your house. Once the PC is shut down, the Internet is off limits.

2. Save Bandwidth, Data and Time: Block All Ads, Including the In-App Ones

Most market routers don’t have ad blocking capabilities. And this generates additional traffic that is useless for you. According to some recent tests, using an ad blocker can save you up to 55% of the total bandwidth. Not to mention the time to load and, most importantly for metered connections, the amount of data used.

The best part is that Connectify Hotspot’s universal ad blocker works on in-app ads as well. So, all clients connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot will benefit from this.

3. House too Big or Too Many Walls? Extend Your Wi-Fi Range Easily

Now that you’re working from home, you need the same Internet speed and reliability as if you were standing near the Wi-Fi router. Yes, even if you’re working from the patio or from the back yard.

Why spend additional money for hardware Wi-Fi repeaters when you can use your own PC for that? Connectify Hotspot makes it easy to turn your computer into a wireless repeater. Just connect to the network you want to repeat and all the client devices will benefit from better signal strength = faster and more reliable Internet for them.

4. Solve Strict NAT Type Issues for Your Gaming Consoles

The Internet you’re getting from your ISP could have a strict NAT type. This makes it almost impossible for you to play any online game from your Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo console. The least you need is a moderate NAT type.

By using Connectify’s built-in Gaming Mode together with Speedify VPN, you’ll get a NAT type 2 (Moderate) on the resulting Wi-Fi hotspot shared from your PC. Just connect your gaming console to that hotspot and you’re all done – enjoy online gaming!

5. Worried about Security and Privacy? Protect All Household Devices with a VPN

Most home routers nowadays don’t have any security protection outside of a basic firewall and some flood protection. But that doesn’t mean your traffic is safe from hackers and other cyber criminals. The best solution for that is using a VPN.

Instead of installing the VPN on all your devices, configuring it, etc. – why not run it directly on the Wi-Fi hotspot device? Just share the VPN connection over Wi-Fi from your PC using Connectify Hotspot!

BONUS! Gather All the Internet You Can Get and Put It to Good Use: Combine Connections!

This setup is based on the above one, with sharing a VPN connection over Wi-Fi. To combine and use 2 or more connections together at once, you need to use a bonding VPN like Speedify.

So, you need both Connectify and Speedify installed on your PC. Once you setup Speedify to use all available connections, share the Speedify adapter over Wi-Fi. Both your computer AND the client devices connected to your hotspot will get faster, more reliable and secure Internet.

Do you have any more ideas on how you can use a virtual router to get better Internet in your household while working from home? Be sure to share them with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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