How to Choose the Best Portable Wireless Router for Travel

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Your Laptop Is the Best Portable Wireless Router for Travel

Forget about browsing the Internet for WiFi routers that need to be portable, potentially powered by batteries (or USB) and other travel-specific features. Your laptop has it all and you're already traveling with it!

Whether it’s vacation time, job travel or just leisure travel, you will need to share the Internet connection with your other devices. Or, even more -  extend a WiFi network or create a network between your devices. 

There’s no reason to carry around a bulky hardware device to stay connected on-the-road or at job sites. With just your laptop’s internal WiFi card and Connectify Hotspot virtual router software, you already have the best portable wireless router for travel.

Read below to see how you can share your Internet connection anywhere from your laptop using the best portable wireless router software for travel, Connectify Hotspot.

Why Connectify Hotspot Is the Best Portable Wireless Router for Travel

Imagine these situations you may be familiar with:

  • You’re stuck in a hotel room with just a wired Ethernet connection and have no way of getting your WiFi devices online.
  • You’re using the in-flight WiFi or in a hotel where Internet is expensive and is paid per device.
  • You’re at your friends’ house and want to run a LAN party with your game consoles, but you get a NAT type error when trying to connect.
  • You’re outside your home, on your lawn, and you can’t get your WiFi network’s signal on your mobile devices.

In all these cases, the main goal is to get your devices online quickly, hassle-free and with no extra cost. A conventional router cannot help you in all cases – e.g. you cannot use it with captive portals at hotels or in airports, where you have to enter a username and password or click a button on a website in order to access the Internet. Or with getting a moderate or open NAT type for your game console.

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How to Turn Your Laptop into a WiFi Hotspot When Traveling

Connectify Hotspot’s virtual router functionalities are fully compatible with any routing scenario. The software app runs on Windows PCs and laptops and allows you to share any type of Internet connection via WiFi hotspot or wired Ethernet.

So, whether you’re sharing a WiFi Internet connection over WiFi to your smartphone or if you’re trying to get that Ethernet-only game console onto your 4G Hotspot, Connectify Hotspot can do that for you. It’s capable of sharing your computer’s mobile Internet connection over an Ethernet cable to get all your devices online. That’s why Connectify Hotspot the best portable wireless router for travel.

Connectify Hotspot Best Portable Wireless Router for Travel: You Get More!

While other WiFi hotspot creator software only “help” you share your Internet connection (inherent issues included – NAT levels, peering, Chromecast apps won’t find your Chromecast, your Apple TV won’t show up for your Mac to stream to…), Connectify Hotspot offers you more:

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