Lushlife has Left the Building

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As Connectify's downloads exploded in 2010, we realized that we needed a marketing guru to help guide this rocket. We needed someone who knew how to hustle and market on the Internet, but who could also bond with us geeks. Well, we found him: Raj Haldar. Raj not only had the soul of a geek but was an indie rapper, under the alias Lushlife. What a combo! Raj knew how to build something from the ground up, because he had already done so for his music.

With Raj at the helm of the marketing department, Connectify Hotspot became a worldwide brand. He's written countless blog posts, created endless microsites, launched multiple products including our latest - Speedify, and even aided in a Kickstarter campaign that more than doubled its target.

Suffice to say that over the last five years, Raj has been a driving force behind the growth of Connectify. His days have been spent marketing networking software, and his weekends performing all over the country. But, as Lushlife's musical popularity began to explode this delicate balance couldn't last forever. First the Philadelphia Eagles hired him as the "Eagles Touchdown Club DJ" to fire up the crowd. Then his new album Ritualize, came out to rave reviews. And now that his nationwide tour is selling out, and more dates keep getting added, it's become clear that now is the time.

So it's with very mixed emotions that we wave Raj Haldar and Lushlife on to his next stage in life!

Wishing you the best of luck - We'll miss you buddy.

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