Our Commitment to a Free and Open Internet in Cuba

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Connectify stands by Cubans for access to Internet

Earlier in June 2017, the US Administration unveiled new restrictions on business and travel with Cuba, in an apparent effort to force the Cuban government to allow more rights to their citizens. Read a great analysis by Politico on this change by the new administration.

As we don’t know what the effects of this change will be, we just want to reaffirm our commitment to the Cuban people in providing them with the tools to have better Internet access. Connectirfy Hotspot is the most popular software app that allows anyone to turn their Windows laptop or PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot and share any of their Internet connection with others the easy way.

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Free Hotspot MAX licenses for Cuba!

And that’s not all – remember our ongoing efforts to get the people of Cuba online? We are devoted to our cause and will continue to fully support Cuban citizens with free Connectify Hotspot MAX 2017 licenses. Alongside the features available in the free version (like creating a Wi-Fi hotspot, using the ad blocker and customizing the hotspot name with emojis), Cuban citizens will now also have access to Connectify Hotspot’s premium features such as repeater mode and wired more for free! This way, they will be able to get online on any type of infrastructure and be free to navigate the Internet.

Get access to Internet from the comfort of your own house and easily share it with your family and friends via Wi-Fi or to a router, via ethernet. Get Connectify Hotspot MAX today!

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