New Release: Connectify Hotspot 2018.2 – Better for Windows 10 FCU Users

connectifymeRelease Notes

Improved Compatibility and Functionality for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Users

Looking for a mobile hotspot on Windows 10? Connectify Hotspot 2018, release 2 is available now for download and update! It is a huge step forward, especially for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (FCU) users:

  • Bridging, Repeater Mode and Custom DHCP Ranges are all now fully supported for MAX users, on all Windows 10 FCU machines, including those that only support Wi-Fi Direct (like the Surface Pro 4)!
  • More Emoji: 846 additional emojis are now supported in the hotspot name, courtesy of EmojiOne. The emoji keyboard has an additional “popular” tab to make easier to find the most commonly used emoji at a glance.

What you need to do: make sure you’re all set with Connectify Hotspot 2018. Download or upgrade now!

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