How to Use the Best Portable WiFi Hotspot on Your Laptop

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Turn Your Laptop Into the Best Portable WiFi Hotspot

Connectify Hotspot is the most popular hotspot software that you can use to turn your Windows computer into a portable WiFi hotspot. If you need to share your Internet connection with other devices such as smartphones, game consoles, etc. or extend your WiFi range without any additional routers - this is the perfect solution to do that.

Whether traveling or at home, Connectify Hotspot keeps all your devices connected anytime and anywhere. Plus - it saves you time, money and bandwidth. Read below to see more about your best portable WiFi hotspot and Internet connection companion - Connectify Hotspot

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Why Choose a Portable WiFi Hotspot Software Instead of Hardware Devices

If you search the Internet for "best portable WiFi hotspot" or other similar keywords, you'll get a list of recommended hardware devices. The first thing that comes into mind when you want to use or share Internet with all your devices are those small devices (sometimes known as MiFi). You get those usually from your network carrier and carry around while connected to their cellular network.

While they are perfectly functional devices, portable WiFi hotspot hardware devices require constant recharging and are not flexible for sharing different types of Internet connections. Plus, they only work with cellular connections; if there's no coverage, there's no Internet.

On the other hand, if you're using a portable WiFi hotspot software or operating system functionality, you will get the same functionality right on your laptop. Moreover, if using a true virtual router software like Connectify Hotspot, you will be able to:

  • share any type of Internet connection - no more coverage hassles;
  • turn your laptop into a WiFi repeater / extender / booster;
  • solve network compatibility issues.

Best Portable WiFi Hotspot - Used by Millions Across the Globe

Connectify Hotspot is a true virtual router software app for Windows computers. You can share your Internet connection with other devices such as smartphone, tablet, media player, game console, e-reader, other laptops or computers, and even your nearby friends.

By far, the most popular functionality for Connectify best portable WiFi software is the WiFi Internet sharing. Here's how you can turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Connectify Hotspot on your PC or laptop.
  2. Give your Hotspot a Name (SSID) and Password. You can even add Emojis and Special Characters to your Hotspot Name!
  3. Press the ‘Start Hotspot’ button to share your Internet connection. Make sure you have the ad blocker option selected, to save bandwidth, money and battery life.
  4. Connect your devices. Any WiFi enabled devices can connect to your Hotspot!

What Else You Get from Connectify Best Portable WiFi Hotspot Hotspot Software

While other virtual router software only “help” you share Internet from laptop to phone (inherent issues included – NAT levels, peering, Chromecast apps won’t find your Chromecast, your Apple TV won’t show up for your Mac to stream to…), Connectify Hotspot offers you more:

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