Get the Most with Amazon Fire TV Stick and Connectify Hotspot

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Get the most from your Amazon Fire TV streaming media player

For a couple of years now, Amazon has established yet another successful product: the Fire TV streaming media player, a Chromecast competitor that lets you beam content from your mobile device right onto your TV. Since Connectify Hotspot virtual router software is such a killer app for the Chromecast, we wondered how it could improve user experience of the Amazon Fire TV, so we ordered one.

We asked Connectify CEO, Alex Gizis to unbox the first generation Amazon Fire TV and test it out with Connectify Hotspot. We learned that Connectify Hotspot makes using the Fire TV streaming media player easier in a variety of situations. Check out the video below to learn more about how Connectify Hotspot can help you get the most out of your new Amazon Fire TV streaming media player, no matter where you are.

Save time on setting up your Amazon Fire TV

Just like the Chromecast, the Amazon Fire TV Stick needs to be connected to Wi-Fi, which is likely no problem if you’re at home. But, if you’re using this device while traveling it can be annoying to setup your Fire TV streaming media player with each new hotel Wi-Fi you encounter. Just setup the Fire TV Stick once with your Connectify Hotspot, and you’re ready to start streaming content to your TV anytime your Hotspot is running.

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Use any Internet connection with your Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a Wi-Fi-only device, so normally it would be impossible to use it when you’ve only got an Ethernet connection. But, since Connectify Hotspot can share Ethernet as Wi-Fi, your Fire TV Stick will be able to get online even when you’ve only got a wired connection.

Better Amazon Fire TV with Connectify Hotspot

More flexibility and saving time - these are the 2 main reasons you'd want to use your Amazon Fire TV streaming media player with Connectify Hotpot. Download it now for FREE - we don't even require you get an account!

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