The Best Way to Put a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Your Kiosk

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Keep your Kiosks Connected without Additional Hardware

Does your company utilize touch-screen kiosks, tablets, or PCs at events or on-location to collect information, process sign-ups, or share photos and files?

No matter what kind of kiosk system your company is using, Connectify Hotspot ensures that all of your Wi-Fi enabled devices can get online and connect to each other. Simply install our easy to use software router on one of your PC’s to create your own secure wireless network no matter where you are.

Then you can share or rebroadcast:

  • The Wi-Fi or ethernet connection at the venue (even if it has a pesky “captive portal” that your kiosks can’t seem to get through – like at a hotel or coffee shop)
  • Your Own 3G, 4G, or mobile broadband connection (such as a tethered cell phone or MiFi device)
  • No Internet connection at all for a purely local network (so your devices can simply communicate with each other)

Whether you need to collect email addresses at a trade show, assist customers in sharing photos or posting to social media, or are running Wi-Fi photo booth operation (check out this article by Photo Party Upload!), Connectify Hotspot makes it easy to get all your devices online.

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Allow Customers to Connect to You!

With Connectify Hotspot you could also set up your PC or kiosk(s) to operate as a public Wi-Fi hotspot for your customers to connect to allowing them transfer files or photos from their phone or other wireless devices to your kiosk and vice versa.

It’s a kiosk kind of world and Connectify is embracing it with open arms and Wi-Fi hotspots.


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