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Wow! It’s been just over a month since Connectify Dispatch was released, and we’re already seeing some great mentions and reviews from the press and users alike. The folks at Engadget got the early scoop, trumpeting the arrival of Dispatch on the day of release, and noting, “the app unifies as many cellular, Ethernet and WiFi connections as a computer can muster, whether it’s for a simple speed increase or a quick handover if one or more links goes down.”

Lately, more and more sites have been taking a look under the hood and reviewing what Connectify Dispatch can do. In fact, when Web Advices tested Dispatch, they reported, “a huge speed improvement,” almost doubling their bandwidth using our new connection aggregation software.

Even Lifehacker chimed in with thorough coverage of Connectify Dispatch. In an article posted just today, they reported seeing, “throughput averaging 40-50Mbps down/15Mbps up, where [the] cable connection alone was around 30Mbps down/5-10Mbps up. Downloading a test torrent was definitely faster with Dispatch enabled.”

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