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If there’s one thing you can say about the Connectify Team, it’s that we’re pretty focused on the task at hand. Left undisturbed, our developers are happy to be holed-up working on the latest features to help you get better and faster Internet. It’s what we do. That makes it all-the-more important for us to pull ourselves away from the glowing terminals and seemingly endless drip of dark roast coffee every once in awhile.

Sometimes, we’ll schedule an afternoon pie-making class, or if we’re short on time we’ll just call for an impromptu happy hour.

Yesterday, we decided to check out the Department of Making + Doing, a great makerspace in our neighborhood. The plan was to make some custom stuff for our new office (yep, we made the move to a new space recently). In any case, we’ve been so wrapped up planning the launch of Connectify Hotspot 2015 over the last few months, that we didn’t have a chance to iron out how the new digs should look. For starters, we wanted to make use of DM+D’s large-format vinyl printer to bring some of the Connectify aesthetic to life on our walls.


But, once we realized that there was a laser cutter at our disposal, we decided to make some custom Connectify coasters, too. All we needed was a vector image of our logo, and Mike from DM+D helped calibrate the laser cutter to etch the Connectify icon into perfectly-cut wooden coasters.


We even spent some time making a laser-cut Lazy Susan, so we can now effortlessly spin our laptop around the conference room during teleconferences (I know!) I guess it’s just what happens when you lock us in a place like the Department of Making + Doing for a few hours.

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