Free Internet Sharing for Cuba Extended

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As folks like MotherboardThe Verge, Washington PostBoston Globe and others have reported, Connectify Hotspot is quickly becoming an important tool for Cuban citizens wishing to share the country’s first 35 public Internet hotspots with their friends and neighbors.

As Internet becomes available in Cuba for the first time, we’ve been stoked to play a role in getting more and more Cuban citizens online. That’s why we announced the ¡Viva Hotspot! campaign last month, unlocking our Unlimited Hotspot Uptime premium feature so free users in Cuba can run their Connectify Hotspots 24/7.

The response has been so overwhelming that we’ve decided to extend the ¡Viva Hotspot! offer indefinitely. With thousands of new users getting online for the first time daily thanks to Connectify Hotspot, we figured it was more important than ever to offer our awesome software router functionality to Cuban users in an ongoing capacity.

If you’re a Cuban citizen, and you would like to use Connectify Hotspot with Unlimited Hotspot Uptime enabled, simply download and install the software on your PC, and we take care of the rest… ¡Viva Hotspot!

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Connectify Hotspot for Cuba

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