How to Get Your Android Smartphone onto 3G, 4G, and Ethernet

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The Problem

Want to know the secret to getting your Android smartphone onto your 3G or 4G LTE stick’s broadband connection? Did you know that it’s actually possible to connect your phone to a wired Ethernet connection, too?

With Connectify Hotspot PRO installed on your PC laptop, you can easily share Internet from your wired Ethernet, 3G, or 4G LTE USB stick as WiFi, so Android phones and other mobile devices can get online, no matter where you are.

Start a Connectify Hotspot

Step One: Purchase Connectify Hotspot PRO from the Connectify website. Note: While there is a free trial version of Connectify Hotspot, sharing 3G/4G or Ethernet connections as WiFi is a PRO-only feature.

Step Two: Make sure your 3G or 4G device is selected from the ‘Internet to Share’ dropdown. Icons next to each adapter tell you what kind of Internet connection you’re selecting.

Step Three: Give your hotspot a name (SSID) and password. The hotspot name is the network name that other devices will see and connect to using your unique password. Your Connectify Hotspot is a real, working hotspot that you use just like any other wireless network.

Step Four: Click the ‘Start Hotspot’ button to begin sharing your 3G or 4G LTE Internet connection with your Android smartphone and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

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Connect your iPad to the Connectify Hotspot

Step One: From your smartphone’s homescreen, find your WiFi settings app and make sure that the Wi-Fi toggle is set to the On position.
Step Two: Tap Wi-Fi to open a list of available networks
Step Three: Once the list of available WiFi networks populates, you should see your Connectify Hotspot’s SSID broadcasting your 3G, 4G or Ethernet network as WiFi. Connect to that network by tapping it.
Step Four: You will be prompted for the password that you gave your Connectify Hotspot. Enter your password to connect.

There you have it, folks! Getting your Android smartphone onto LTE and other mobile broadband networks is as easy as pie with Connectify Hotspot PRO.

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