Connectify Gives Away PRO Features in Cuba as Public Wi-Fi Rolls Out

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Just a few days ago, the Boston Globe and Washington Post reported that Connectify Hotspot was being used by savvy Cubans to help share Wi-Fi with their fellow countrymen, as the government begins to roll out public hotspots around the country. We couldn’t have been more excited to hear about our little software router doing its part to help a country get online for the first time. So, starting today, we’ve decided to unlock Unlimited Hotspot Uptime (PRO feature), free for every resident of Cuba for the next 3 months!

Helping Cuba get online

In the capital of Havana, throngs of people are reportedly gathering around outdoor Wi-Fi access points to discover the Internet for the first time. But, with hundreds of users saturating the networks daily, the connections have been unreliable at best. Now that Connectify Hotspot can be run 24/7 by all Cubans, we anticipate that thousands more will be able to access the web by sharing the government’s Wi-Fi service with those around them.

Up until now, only about 5 percent of Cuba’s 11 million citizens had regular Internet access. With 35 public hotspots currently being deployed around the country, that number stands to rise dramatically. We’re thrilled that our new initiative to provide around-the-clock access to Connectify will help play an increasing role in getting Cuba online.

If you’re a Cuban citizen, and you would like to use Connectify Hotspot with Unlimited Hotspot Uptime enabled, simply download and install the software on your PC, and we take care of the rest… Viva Hotspot!

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