New Release: Connectify 7.1

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Introducing Connectify 7.1

Hotspot and Dispatch just got even better…

We are delighted to announce the release of Connectify 7.1, which includes improvements to both Hotspot and Dispatch.

Release Notes

Hotspot Changes

New Stealth Mode Feature: Feature-suite to get around pesky networks that try to block Connectify. This is available for all Connectify Hotspot users running Windows 7 and above.

  • Avoid Hotel/NAT Restrictions: Workaround for networks that send back every packet with a TTL of 1 to block Connectify and routers from being used.
  • Hide from Traceroute: Traffic from clients won’t appear to have gone through an extra hop to get to the upstream network, so the network won’t think there is an extra router on/behind your computer.
  • Appear as Single PC (Disabled by default): Mask client traffic’s IP Identifier field to hide amongst other traffic coming from the Connectify host computer. Turning this on may help Connectify to work on more networks that block it, but may also break certain client traffic, such as traceroute and network latency tests in games.

Other Changes

  • Restore URL to File Fling dialog on Flings to non-Connectify clients
  • Fix access rights on deleted clients
  • Better error messages around hosted network failures
  • Disabling peer scanning also disables scanning services on Hotspot clients
  • IP fragmentation and forwarding issue fixes. Fixes problems with iPhones, iPads watching videos over Hotspot.

Dispatch Changes

  • More accurate SpeedTest results
  • Reduce load on system for latency/reliability tests

General Changes

New Feature: PRO users turn software updates on or off

  • Fixed installer halting issue around ‘Checking for software conflicts’
  • Activation/Licensing Fixes – Fallback routine for protocol handlers for ill-configured systems, and protect against corruption of license file
  • Stopped installer from killing similarly named processes running elsewhere on the system
  • Resolved conflict default route with Connectify Switchboard
  • Better traffic routing detection for complex networks and routes
  • Better cleanup of corrupted driver installations around Windows 8.1 upgrades
  • Fix recognizing traffic from Windows Server 2012 machines, possibly others

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