New Release: Connectify 7.2

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We are delighted to announce the release of Connectify 7.2, which includes improvements to both Hotspot and Dispatch. This release contains several minor fixes and improvements.

Here’s what’s new in Connectify 9.3:


Application Settings:  The Applications screen (Settings > Applications) has been totally redone, and has become a powerful new tool to both understand and control what your applications are doing with your Internet connections.

The window is scalable. If you stretch it wide, it will show you all of the information on each application in separate columns. If the window is narrower, it will show only the most pertinent information.

  • Every application running on your system gets a row in the table. That row turns green whenever it actually accesses the Internet. There are several columns of data: Current Usage, Total Usage and Tracked Connections (open sockets).
  • Each application has an Adapter Setting. Selecting this brings up a dialog that lets you select how Dispatch will handle connections from the application:
    • Smart Load Balancing
      • Default – Uses Dispatch’s intelligent load balancing algorithm
  • Use Only Adapter
    • Previous functionality – assigns the traffic from the application to the specific adapter
  • Use Any Adapter Except
    • Allows you to exclude traffic from a specific adapter while still gaining the benefit of load balancing your other adapters
  • Round Robin
    • Ensure that each connection from this application ends up on the next available adapter
  • Lowest Latency
    • Use the adapter with the lowest latency at the time the connection is made – please note that this will not ensure that another adapter might have lower latency than the one chosen in the future
  • Do Not Dispatch
    • Use Windows Default Network as if Dispatch wasn’t started
  • Blocked
    • Do not allow any Internet traffic from this application – useful for controlling Internet usage
  • Actions:
  • Reset Connections: Immediately breaks all of that application’s connections (sockets, etc.). This can be useful with applications such a BitTorrent to force them to reopen the sockets when your Internet connections have changed.
  • Reset Usage: Resets the “Total Usage” number to 0, so that tracking starts over.
  • DNS Override – DNS Adapter Selection – When DNS Override is enabled, you can choose to balance the DNS requests using ‘Any Adapter’ (previous behavior; follows rules from Interface Selection tab), ‘Lowest Latency’, or ‘Round Robin’.
  • Ability to hide News and Banners


  • Firewall state of unknown clients – The default firewall rules from the Settings tab now affect clients prior to them being identified and showing up in the Clients tab as connected clients.

Bug Fixes


  • Properly load ‘Always Show Ad-Hoc’ setting on UI start
  • Work even when Windows Firewall has been uninstalled completely from the system
  • Identify when Domain Group Policy forbids Connectify



  • Fix incoming connections to local servers
  • More logging around Dashboard communication issues
  • Improve Dashboard memory usage
  • Fix interface latency/reliability measurements when WAN connections come and go



  • Fix case when Connectify service loses activation after reboot
  • Fix upgrades from version 3.x not being able to stay activated
  • Fix activation fallback methods on systems without default browsers set
  • Add service dependency to fix activation on systems where Connectify service came up before the WMI service
  • More logging around service installation and packet redirection errors
  • Set Windows 8/8.1 to not minimize number of concurrent connections.
  • Fix installer crash at ‘Checking for software conflicts’
  • Fix for ‘Only one copy of installer can be run at once’
  • Improved cleanup of old ports in Hotspot and Dispatch NAT layer

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