Introducing Connectify Hotspot 2015 Bugfix 4

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Hotspot Just Got Even Better…

The latest update to Connectify Hotspot 2015 has arrived. This release includes several bug fixes that can improve stability and performance for some users, and improves upon our brand new Hotspot 2015 MAX WiFi Repeater and Bridging Modes. We suggest that all users update immediately.

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Release Notes

  • Fixes for Internet/Local Network firewall controls when using bridging/Repeater mode
  • Force dependent services to start to help after a Windows upgrade disabled driver services
  • File Flings with files that containing ampersands and other characters no longer break the Fling display window
  • Handle WLAN API handles becoming invalid, causing Connectify to not see AP mode support on Wi-Fi cards
  • Handle Repeating/bridging to networks with MTUs smaller than 1500


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