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In the meantime we rolled out another major version – Connectify Hotspot 2017 is the latest version of the world’s most popular hotspot software, fully compatible with Windows 10 and also loaded with awesome new features like an universal ad blocker, emoji support and multi-language support!

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Here’s what was new in Connectify Hotspot 2015

New Features for Everyone

Once you update to Connectify Hotspot 2015, you’ll see that more than a few things have been improved. First off, you’ll probably notice our redesigned user interface with refreshed look-and-feel, new buttons, and more. We’ve also added a totally new Internet connection sharing mode (more on that later) right at the top of the UI, so you can more easily start the kind of hotspot you need, when you need it. But, some of the most useful features that we’ve added might not be quite as visible on first blush. Check out the awesome, new network usage stats available in the clients pane by clicking on any of your connected devices. This is one of our most requested features, and with it, you’ll know exactly how much network data each device on your hotspot is using at any given time.

Take it to the MAX

When tasked to bring Hotspot 2015 to life, our development team really hit it out of the park. With so many cool new features, we felt like it made sense to add the Hotspot MAX tier for power-users that need more from their hotspots. MAX includes a brand new WiFi Repeater Mode that lets you extend the range of any existing WiFi network. That’s right, Hotspot MAX is the only hotspot software for Windows that gives you true repeater functionality. We’re not just rebroadcasting your home network with the same name… in WiFi Repeater Mode, Hotspot MAX is really extending your network, and all devices connected to your hotspot magically appear on your home network, too. More broadly, MAX users can enable Bridging Mode to get game consoles and other devices right onto their source network at any time. The new network bridging feature is also great for sharing and streaming media across devices on your home or office network. With so many kick-ass features, Connectify Hotspot 2015 is the most advanced software router available.

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Turn your PC into a WiFi Hotspot and Share Internet with your Devices

Release Notes

New Features in 2015

  • Improved User Interface – All users enjoy a redesigned user interface that makes navigating Hotspot’s features easier than ever
  • Client Network Usage Information – New network usage information lets users at all product tiers know how much data client devices are using at a glance
  • WiFi Repeater Mode (MAX Only) – Hotspot 2015 MAX is the only virtual router software with a real WiFi Repeater Mode. Extend your home or office WiFi and all devices connected to our hotspot appear directly on the source network.
  • Bridging Mode (MAX Only) – Enabling Network Bridging gives MAX users the power to “bridge” all devices connected to their hotspot directly to the source network. Get game consoles and streaming media devices like AppleTV and Google Chromecast working perfectly on your Connectify Hotspot.

Improvements and Bug Fixes in 2015

  • ARP caching for faster LAN traffic connections
  • High Resolution icons for 4K displays
  • Properly formatted Windows Event messages from Connectify’s service
  • Fix network loss when a client queries a domain address with a long (>256 bytes) DNS response
  • Fix for ‘No Wi-Fi Adapter’/’AP Mode not supported’ showing after long periods of use
  • Fix for some Wi-Fi adapters not authenticating client connections occasionally
  • Support more network encryption types in Wi-Fi Repeater mode
  • Enhanced Bridging Performance
  • Improved messages explaining, for example, when a network cannot be bridged

Connectify’s license now references our updated privacy policy that specifies (and limits) how we can use your information.


Update to Connectify Hotspot 2017 Today!

Turn your PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot and Share Internet with your Devices