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In the meantime we rolled out another major version – Connectify Hotspot 2017 is the latest version of the world’s most popular hotspot software, fully compatible with Windows 10 and also loaded with awesome new features like an universal ad blocker, emoji support and multi-language support!

Update to Connectify Hotspot 2017 Today!

Turn your PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot and Share Internet with your Devices

Here’s what was new in Connectify Hotspot 2016

The Only Hotspot Software for Windows 10

One of the biggest improvement in the 2016 release of Connectify is support for Windows 10 and Wi-Fi Direct. Turns out, in the latest version of Windows, Microsoft is phasing out the ‘Hosted Network’ feature that Connectify and every other virtual hotspot app relies on to function properly. What’s more, wireless card manufacturers are no longer required to support the feature, and folks like Realtek have already started rolling out cards that don’t. What does that mean for you?

In short, Connectify Hotspot 2016 is currently the only hotspot software that will work with Windows 10 and newer Wi-Fi cards. Folks using earlier versions of Windows can rest easy, too. Since we still support the Hosted Network protocol in Connectify Hotspot 2016, the software will still work on your current OS.

Real-Time Network UsagConnectify Hotspot 2016 Screenshote Graphs

The newest feature in Hotspot 2016 gives you real-time graphs for monitoring how much data your various connected client devices are using at a glance. Just click over to the ‘Clients’ tab and monitor the speed and total usage of computers, smartphones, tablets, and any other devices connected to your Connectify Hotspot.

Not only can you see the upload and download speeds of your connected devices at any given time, but you can easily see total bandwidth usage by device, too.


Here’s what’s new in Connectify Hotspot 2016:

  • Windows 10 Support – Windows 10 uses Wi-Fi Direct by default, if present, to support running hotspots on Wi-Fi adapters that dropped Hosted Network support. Windows 10 users can revert to using Hosted Network (if their Wi-Fi card supports it) by disabling ‘Allow Wi-Fi Direct’ in the Advanced menu under Settings.
  • The ‘Clients’ tab now includes improvements to the real-time usage graphs that are being introduced in Connectify Hotspot 2016.
  • Connected devices will now appear even quicker in the ‘Clients’ tab once connected to your Hotspot.
  • Enhancements to ensure that tablet and touchscreen users enjoy a smooth Connectify Hotspot experience.
  • Client bandwidth usage graphs are now available in the Clients tab showing bandwidth usage by connected device.
  • Minor updates and bug fixes to improve performance

If you have an older version of Connectify Hotspot already installed, it is possible that the upgrade may make you reboot twice. Sorry about that, but trust us… this is worth it.

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Update to Connectify Hotspot 2017 Today!

Turn your PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot and Share Internet with your Devices