New Release: Connectify 9.2.1

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Connectify 9.2.1 has arrived, and it once again supports sharing Speedify connections! Oops, it seems that we accidently broke support for our own product with the 9.2 release. Sorry about that! All of you who are using Speedify for faster Internet, and Hotspot to share it with your other devices can safely upgrade and get back to work, or watching movies, or whatever it is you do online 😉

There are also some other important bug fixes, so we strongly recommend that all users update.

Here’s what’s new in Connectify 9.2.1:

  • Fix compatibility with Speedify!
  • Fix crash bug in the native networking code
  • Fix some log generation failures when file system permissions are broken

Here’s what’s new in Connectify 9.2:

  • Clients can now access the Hotspot host computer by using any of the host’s IPs
  • Fix for clients accessing upstream networks of the Hotspot host computer when a router isn’t present, or the router doesn’t forward traffic properly
  • Hotspot now uses packaged Open Sans fonts. This gives the software a more modern look and should fix crashes on computers that cannot display Arial.
  • Fix credits/settings/license files occasionally getting corrupted
    Stability improvements

If you have an older version of Connectify Hotspot already installed, it is possible that the upgrade may make you reboot twice. Sorry about that, but trust us… this is worth it.

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