New Release: Connectify 9.0.3

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A little over a week ago, we released Connectify 9, a highly-anticipated new version of our popular hotspot software for PCs. That version of Connectify Hotspot included lots of cool new features, like an improved user interface that makes it even easier for users to start their hotspot. However, one of the biggest changes in Connectify 9 is one you probably never noticed at all.

Last week’s release was the first to include automatic bug reporting using an awesome error tracking platform called Up until Connectify 9, we relied on users like you to send in bug reports and log files when you had issues using Connectify Hotspot. But, with over 1 million Hotspots started each day (using an almost infinite variety of WiFi cards, 4G carriers, and brands of laptops), it was difficult to sort out which issues were most common, nevermind replicating and resolving them.

As of Connectify 9, all that has changed. With Raygun integrated right into our software, in the unlikely event that Connectify crashes, we’re immediately sent a report that tells us what line of code caused the crash. Ever since the new Raygun error tracking system went live with Connectify 9, we’ve been receiving and fixing bugs at a staggering pace. Initially, we saw about 30 error reports coming in per hour (not too bad considering there are over 50 million Connectify Hotspots started each month). We quickly realized that many of those issues fell into just a few buckets. It was immediately apparent that Raygun had given us a way to easily see which issues were most prevalent for Connectify users around the world. So, over the course of just one week, we’ve whittled down these issues, and even put out two incremental releases with very real bug fixes. We’ve reduced the hourly error reports sizably, and with the help of Raygun, we’ll continue to improve the stability and usability of Connectify Hotspot.

For users like you, it’s a no-brainer: with today’s release of Connectify 9.0.3 and beyond, you’re in for an increasingly stable Connectify user experience with each new product update. Get Connectify 9.0.3 today to ensure you’re enjoying the best of what Connectify has to offer across all your PCs and mobile devices.

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