Connectify Software Helps ‘Sandy’ Victims

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In the past few days, millions of people around the world have had their eyes fixated on the East Coast of the United States. Though our headquarters was luckily not affected by Hurricane Sandy, our little corner of the world has seen a lot of damage and destruction. A lot of our Connectify users, like Gary (below), have written in and asked us how our Hotspot software can help them in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Unfortunately, if you have no way to get your computer onto the Internet, then Connectify Hotspot can’t fix that.  What Hotspot can do is let you create a WiFi hotspot where you computers can connect to each other, and if your computer can get to the Internet, they can all use that Internet connection.

So, if your land line was down, but you had a 4G USB card, your computer could share that card with all your other devices (computers, Kindles, iPads, etc.) and computers to get them online.  Or, if you just want to do file sharing between your computers, Connectify Hotspot would let them all get on the same wireless local area network.

Companies like Clear and T-Mobile have pay-as-you-go 4G USB cards.  You can buy one for less than $100, and then leave it in your desk drawer until the land-line goes out.  Then, you can pay for a month of Internet access when disaster strikes, and Connectify Hotspot will make it work for all the devices in your house.

If you were affected in any way by Sandy, the entire Connectify team wishes you a speedy recovery as you as you repair, and rebuild.

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