Use Connectify Hotspot to Share Internet Access in Cuba

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“Psssst – Connectify”

This time last year, the Connectify team worked to get Connectify Hotspot PRO features out to Cubans when public Wi-Fi hotspots were being deployed. Thousands more Cubans were finally able to get online. It’s not uncommon to see throngs of families sitting on public steps late into the night, speaking and chatting with family members abroad using services like Whatsapp. In order to get even more users onto these precious few public hotspots, articles in the Boston Globe and Washington Post have noted that the Connectify Hotspot software router has become wildly popular. Most recently, QUARTZ came out with an article about how Cubans are finding ways to get around the limited and expensive Internet that is offered by Etacsa.

The author of the article, Ed Augustin, mentions that Connectify allows users to divide up and share the limited bandwidth that is offered. The coolest part about this whole thing is that kids have found a way to leverage our product to help get more and more people online, and pocketing some money in the process. They have no shortage of clients willing to get online!

If you’re a Cuban citizen, and you would like to use Connectify Hotspot with Unlimited Hotspot Uptime enabled, simply download and install the software on your PC, and we take care of the rest… Viva Hotspot!

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