What is a Virtual Router?

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In this post, we’ll explain what a virtual router is, and how you can use it to share Internet from your laptop with any other Wi-Fi-enabled device.

So, what is a virtual router, and why do I need one?

If you’re anything like us, you already carry around several WiFi-enabled devices on a daily basis. But, how do you get your smartphone or tablet online when you’ve only got a single wired Ethernet connection, or the hotel wants to charge you per device for WiFi access? That’s where your Connectify Hotspot virtual router saves the day! Your PC becomes a router, sharing your wired connection as Wi-Fi using the computer’s internal wireless card.

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No Hardware Necessary

There’s no reason to carry around a bulky travel router to stay connected on-the-road or at job sites. With the Connectify Hotspot virtual router, you’ve got a fully-featured router right inside your Windows PC. Turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot and get iPads, smartphones, and other mobile devices online with just a few clicks. The best part is, just like your home router, the Connectify Hotspot virtual router is protected by secure WPA2 encryption.

Stay Connected, No Matter Where You Are

Say you’re stuck in a hotel room with just a wired Ethernet connection and have no way of getting your WiFi devices online. Connectify Hotspot’s virtual router lets you broadcast that wired connection as WiFi from right inside your computer. What if you’re trying to get that Ethernet-only game console onto your 4G Hotspot? Our powerful virtual router can do that too, sending the WiFi signal right through your Ethernet cable.

To learn how to use Connectify Hotspot to turn your PC into a virtual router, check out Part 2 of this post.

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