What is Virtual Wi-Fi?

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Virtual Wi-Fi (sometimes known as VWIFI) is a software technology does everything your hardware router can do (and some things it can’t). A virtual Wi-Fi program like Connectify Hotspot can broadcast Wi-Fi right from your PC, so that any other Wi-Fi-enabled device can get online. Connectify Hotspot is far and away the world’s most popular virtual Wi-Fi application, because it’s designed with you in mind.

No Hardware Required

There’s no reason to carry around a bulky travel router to stay connected on-the-road or at job sites. With Connectify Hotspot’s Virtual Wi-Fi capabilities, you’ve got a fully-featured router right inside your Windows PC. Turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot and get iPads, smartphones, and other mobile devices online with just a few clicks. The best part is, just like your home router, the Connectify Hotspot virtual router is protected by secure WPA2 encryption.

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Stay Connected, Everywhere

Say you’re stuck in a hotel room with just a wired Ethernet connection and have no way of getting your Wi-Fi devices online. With a virtual Wi-Fi router like Connectify Hotspot, you can broadcast that wired connection as Wi-Fi from right inside your computer. What if you’re trying to get that Ethernet-only game console onto your 4G Hotspot? Our powerful virtual Wi-Fi software can do that too, sending the Wi-Fi signal right through your Ethernet cable.

Wi-Fi Sharing and More

Connectify Hotspot does a whole lot more than other virtual Wi-Fi apps. Not only can you share Internet with all your devices, but Hotspot even lets you share files with iPads, Kindles, and any other devices connected to your Hotspot. Want more? Hotspot gives you an at-a-glance view of what devices are currently connected, and even offers firewall permissions to control which devices can access the Internet and your Local Area Network, too.

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