Connectify Now Speaks Spanish! Plus Additional Benefits for Cuba!

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Connectify Hotspot is Now Available in Spanish

Hola! Connectify Hotspot, the #1 Wi-Fi hotspot software app for Windows PCs, is now available in Spanish, accommodating a worldwide community of around 500 million native speakers. This applies both to the program user interface and to the Connectify website. It adds to the already existing array of 9 supported languages starting with the 2017 version of the program.

Free Hotspot MAX licenses for Cuba!

And that’s not all - remember our ongoing efforts to get the people of Cuba online? We are devoted to our cause and will continue to fully support Cuban citizens with free Connectify Hotspot MAX 2017 licenses. Alongside the features available in the free version (like creating a Wi-Fi hotspot, using the ad blocker and customizing the hotspot name with emojis), Cuban citizens will now also have access to Connectify Hotspot's premium features such as repeater mode and wired more for free!

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